The passion for Clothing

I have always been passionate about carnival costumes and historic dresses. I remember that when I was seven years old I used to admire enthusiastically all the things that concerned the theatre, such as dresses, costumes and even the typical frocks of local festivals. I then realized that the fascination of those frocks was lacking in truth: it was something of a special effect to me, but it was not “alive”. One day I happened to find a hat that dated back to the ‘50s: the craftsmanship of it enchanted me. That hat was a wonderful blend of silk, chiffon and silk flowers and had a special charm. Even though it was very old, to me it was something “alive”. In other words it was beautiful but true.

My collection began that way: from that day on I began collecting hats. I started with 1950s hats, the easiest to find. One day in a street market I found the first cloche: I was amazed by the craft and the size of that simple straw hat. I remained speechless with astonishment for ten minutes and then I bought it of course. Later I started collecting the dresses: I found them or better they found me! My first historic dress was a particular one: it dated back to the 1900 and it was a black and white mourning dress. Together with the dress the seller offered me a silver pendant. Inside the jewel there was the portrait of a lady and a small lock of hair; maybe they belonged to the departed lady. “Horrible” I screamed and without even thinking, I bought only the dress! I realized, day by day, that my passion for the tailor-made clothing was growing: I especially admired the craft and the skill of the artisans. I loved, in the same way, the dresses of the 1800 and the 1700 but also the xxth century dresses, especially the day frocks of the 1920s and the incredible “tailleurs” or “robe de soir” of the 1950s and the 1960s. My actual collection covers the years from 1740 to 1960. It comprises mostly women clothing, the easiest to find, but there are also men and children clothing. I decided not to buy children clothing that dated after 1910, as a rule. The collection is constantly changing and evolving: the items come from everywhere and unbelievably from time to time I find something unexpected just around the corner.

The most beautiful items are the most ancient. Once a year I happen to find something really ancient or the complete wardrobe. Sometimes I find something with a little unstitching but it doesn’t matter since I began sewing when I was seven. Other collectors often ask me to mend their own items. My collection has become literally a second life that goes on along with the other one, and often it is more important! The collection includes not only frocks or hats but also corsets, crinoline, underskirts, shoes, bags, sport clothing, swimsuits, hatpins, umbrellas and gloves. Remember: if you have something in your attic or in your cellar that belonged to your grandmother or your great-grandmother, I will be glad to evaluate any object and, in case, buy them. My collection has been displayed on several occasions such as parades or exhibitions; if you are interested or you want to give a touch of magic to a special event in your city, don’t hesitate and call me. If you want to leave messages you will find the guest book; if you prefer email me. I thank all the visitors and I hope you will enjoy this site. I also hope it will be of interest. Finally, I dedicate this little success of mine to my parents, particularly to my father who has always been passionate about art.